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Alfie Hewett - British Wheelchair Tennis Player
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Alfie Hewett - British Wheelchair Tennis Player

There are those who change the world, challenge the norms and do not allow anything life throws at them stop them from achieving great things. At the top of this list is Alfie Hewett, a tennis player from Britain who holds the world No. 1 titles in doubles and was also world No 1 in singles.

Here is everything to know about Alfie Hewett, a man who was born with a heart defect, is living with a disability, yet has gone on to conquer the world of tennis at a very young age.

Alfie Hewett's Childhood And Education

Alfie Hewett was born on the 6th of December 1997 in Norwich, England, United Kingdom. He had surgery at 6 months old for a congenital heart defect and also had legg-calve-perthes disease which stops the flow of blood from the pelvis to the hip joint. Even though Hewett can walk, his ability to walk is limited and he has used wheelchair since he was 6 years old. Alfie won several awards in tennis as a child.

Alfie Hewett attended Acle High school, and later went to City College Norwich where he studied Sport and Exercise Science.

Alfie Hewett Tennis Career And Wins

Alfie Hewett and his partner, Gordon Reid won the 2016 Wimbledon Championship - Wheelchair men's doubles. At Rio 2016, Alfie and his partner won a silver medal in the doubles, he also won a silver in the singles event.

In 2017, Alfie won Grand Slam in singles at the French Open. He won the 2017 NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters in Loughborough, UK. He went on to win the 2017 Wimbledon Championship - Wheelchair men's doubles, alongside Gordon Reid.

Alfie Hewett became world No. 1 on the 29th of January 2018. That same year, he won the Super Series singles title at the Cajun Classic. He won another Super Series title at the US Open USTA Wheelchair Championship. He and Gordon Reid went on to win the doubles title that year.

At the 2019 US Open, he won the singles title, and doubles title (alongside Gordon Reid). Alfie Hewett and Gordon Reid had a streak year in 2020. They won the Grand Slam doubles title at the French Open, Australian Open and the US Open. Hewett also won the French Open singles title that year. At the 2020 Summer Paralympics, he and Gordon Reid won a silver medal.

Alfie Hewett continues to be a beacon of hope and he has had a great journey in the tennis world. He is the first ever Wimbledon Champion from Norwich and since the start of his tennis career, he has won a total of 19 Grand Slam titles: five Grand Slam titles in singles and fourteen Grand Slam titles in doubles. He has consistently shown resilience, strength and commitment. His life is an example that hardwork, humility and dedication to whatever one puts their mind to do can be achieved with time, no matter the challenges thrown their way. Alfie Hewett is indeed a great player and we believe he will go on to greater heights.