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Cost of living crisis in the UK

Cost of living crisis in the UK

The price of living in the UK so much that experts are worried and working seriously to proffer solution to the problem. The cost of living is beyond the house rent. It includes your utility bill, daily food consumption, gas and every other thing you need to live comfortably in the UK.

Understanding the cost of living crisis is so important because the poorest and vulnerable people bear the brunt of it the most. There is a hike in homelessness and it has increased the mental health issues in UK. Parents of dependents and physically challenged are struggling, it has also brought stress on people with health challenges. Until the causes of the crisis are understood, they won't be tackled well. Here we will discuss the causes of the crisis and its effect on vulnerable people living in the UK.

Covid-19 Pandemic

The covid-19 has changed things around the world, and some of the effects will stay for a very long time. The Covid pandemic hiked the cost of living drastically in the UK. It has made the UK economy to be fragile, increased transport and travel costs, and has also had a negative effect on the prices of food and rent.

Climate change

The change in climate has been felt around the world and the UK is not left out. The unusually cold winter has increased the demand for energy rocket and heaters and this has made the prices for these equipment to sky rocket. It is difficult for aged ones, especially those with underlying health challenges to cope.

Agricultural issues

The agricultural sector in the UK has suffered in recent years, especially the most recent Covid pandemic. The farmers do not have access to affordable land due to the restrictions because of the pandemic, fertilizers and seeds are expensive, and this has brought about a lower output of food and higher price of foodstuff. This has made it a struggle for the vulnerable and homeless to feed.

Ukraine - Russia war

The war between Russia and Ukraine was shocking and devastating to everyone. The UK has indirectly suffered from it. It has taken the cost of living in the UK to new heights. Energy bill has become a burden for millions living in the UK and it is worrisome.

Raw materials

The scarcity of raw materials can be felt now more than ever before. From wheat which is primarily gotten from Ukraine and Russia, to vegetables. Even fuel and petroleum are scarce and it has greatly affected the cost of living in the UK.

Laws and regulations

The regulations in the UK have impacted the cost of living negatively. The instability of the economy has made the UK to tighten its regulations, the big and small companies, and individuals are feeling the heat.

The points listed above need to be addressed so that the cost of living will be improved. Until these things are properly addressed and solved, there will be crisis in the cost of living in the UK.