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The joy of being a grandparent

The joy of being a grandparent

Being a grandparent is one of the most fulfilling and special moments in anyone’s life. The reasons, many of which we will touch on in this article, range from being an extra source of love to your grandkids to being able to realign your priorities. While there are certain downsides to being an elderly person (weaker bones and loss of strength), the upsides certainly trump the downsides and make the grandparenting an exciting prospect.

For those grandparents who are fortunate enough to live in a granny annexe, in the grounds of their family's house, the joys of grandparenting are even more enjoyable. The close proximity of their grandchildren, and being able to be a part of their growing up, is even more of a pleasure.

One of the first and most important joys of becoming a grandparent is the joy of seeing your children become parents. You have trained and showered love on your child from day one and watched them grow into a full-blown adult. Now, they have given birth to another life as you did and the joy is simply inexplicable.

As the joy of seeing your child turn into a parent is immense, so is the bond that follows. You have witnessed their successes and failures, watched and celebrated their wins, and pacified them in times of loss. All of these experiences must have strengthened the bond you have with your child over their formative years.

However, the bond will go a bit stronger and better now that they are parents themselves. Having children puts them in a position where they get to understand you better and relate with you on a more mature level. You can also meet them halfway and become more friends with them than being parents.

There is a lot of anxiety, pressure, and fear that comes with being a parent. When your child starts getting these fears, you get to help them allay these fears about parenthood. Seeing as you have done a good job yourself, they will listen to you and find your inputs very useful.

The first few weeks and months after the birth of a child can be very challenging for a new parent. However, with your presence in the life of your child, you get to provide physical, emotional, and maybe financial support to your child and help raise, as much as possible, your grandchild. All of these experiences will solidify the bond you have created with your child over the years, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself being the best friend to your child at this moment.

If these moments are filling you with joy, then you will find the joy of meeting your grandchildren even greater. You get to be the extra source of love to your grandchildren as they grow. You might even be their favorite person after their parents. From the cute nicknames they give you such as Nana, Granny, and Gran to the hugs and kisses when they see you, you will always treasure the time you spend around your grandchildren.


Being a grandparent remains one of the best parts of anybody’s lifetime. The joy, happiness, and love that you receive from both your children and their children are worth all the stressful and unpalatable moments that lead up to being an elderly person and a grandparent.