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How many persons with disabilities are there in the world?

How many persons with disabilities are there in the world?

What is the definition of disability?

Disability can be defined as health condition (physical or mental) that limits an individual's interaction with himself/herself, other individuals and the environment. Disability causes a lot of difficulty to the persons living with it. They cannot participate in certain activities and they are restricted from doing certain things.
Disability can be in the form of impairment in an individual's body structure or function, as limitation in activity of an individual, and restrictions in a person's participation in everyday activities.

How many persons With disabilities are there in the world?

Disability is not as uncommon as people think as there are many people living with disability in the world. There are at least 1 billion disabled people on Earth today, this accounts for about 15% of human population. And this number is on the rise everyday as chronic diseases and life expectancy have increased. So as people grow older, the probability of them having a disability due to old age.

About 10% of the women on Earth are disabled. In the lower and middle income countries, women are about 75% of person's living with disability. The likelihood of women becoming disabled during their lifetime is higher than that of men because of gender bias. Women are not given equal access to medical care and other services. Also, disabled women earn a lot less than disabled men.

There are at least 100 million children living with disability today. These children face harsh conditions. One in every three children who are not enrolled in school has a disability. And even when children with disabilities are enrolled in school, most of them do not finish primary school.

What problems do persons living with disabilities encounter?

People living with disability go through a lot of problems. From not being given access to basic needs like formal education and health care to the bullying they receive. Here are some of the problems people living with disability encounter.

Lack of Education: Many people with disability are not sent to school. And the ones that are send are either not equipped with the right tools to meet their needs or are withdrawn from school at the primary or secondary level.

Lack of Proper Health Care: Many people with disability are not given the proper health care they need. In most third world countries, many of these people do not have access to health care that will make it easier to live with the disability. It has made it difficult for them to live with it.

Neglect and Prejudice: Many people with disability go through bullying, neglect and prejudice from their families, colleagues and peers, community and the society. There are lots of restrictions on the things they can do and places they can enter. This makes difficult and sometimes impossible for them to reach certain goals and achieve certain things.

Job Limitation: It is difficult for people with disability to find good jobs. Many of them are paid less than their counterparts when they finally get jobs. Especially in low income countries, many of them are not given the proper education to attain certain heights or even the right tools that can help them work.