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Problems facing social housing provision

Problems facing social housing provision

The social housing provision has been one of the primary issues facing the United Kingdom. Despite the government's efforts to develop new homes every year to meet demand and keep housing costs low, the issues remain. This problem, particularly social and affordable housing, has resulted in a hike in rents and home prices across the country.

Many young adults and families with low to moderate salaries are unable to rent or purchase a quality property which has made homelessness, evictions, overcrowding, and rent arrears on the rise.
In a sense, the problem facing social housing provision in the United Kingdom can be traced to inefficient planning and finance processes, as well as a lack of capital support from the government, and somewhat due to the negative reaction of the residents to new buildings and the inability of the developers to let them see reasons developing social housing is sustainable and not a bad idea.

The lack of supply has greatly been a major challenge. Which is a result of factors like affordability, Land supply, planning process, and financing. Also, Accessing suitable land for development and obtaining planning clearance for the construction of new homes and other buildings is difficult.

The challenges get worst when the developers find it hard to identify sites suitable for housing development. Sometimes, when the sites have been identified and everything needed has been made available, the planning process remains a major setback. This is because of the thought of some owners that there can be a rise in price in future. This leads them to slow down the planning process and as a result, affects the social housing provision.

Elaborating further, housing delivery has significant challenges in terms of financing construction and assuring affordability. In situations where developers maintain that developing social housing at affordable rates renders a scheme unviable, then new measures to encourage supply must be devised. Such indicators of development viability should be revisited.

Other problems facing the social housing provision in the United Kingdom are The inability of council housing departments to develop new homes due to a lack of expertise or capacity, The inability of the government fund invest in social rented homes, the Inadequate planning process, measures like the "Right to Buy" have reduced the supply of social and affordable homes.

Austerity's influence on housing services and job opportunities, the expensive cost of renting and ownership, the impact of reduced housing benefits on low-income households who are struggling to make ends meet, the lack of effective regulation in the private rental sector and the low quality If some rented homes in the social and private sectors are other challenges.

In all, although there is no monopolised solution, meanwhile, it will go a long way to attempt these problems with the following options: the government and other concerned need to devise a better way to negotiate with residents during the planning process for new homes. They should also encourage learning and adaptation from long-running tax incentive schemes in other countries.