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What options are there for a Granny Annexe?

What options are there for a Granny Annexe?

What do you do when you need extra accommodation for your ageing parents close to you? Rent a new apartment? Or simply build a granny annexe? What is a Granny Annexe? It is a self-contained living area usually located on the same grounds as a single-family home. It can be detached or attached to the other dwelling. The reason for the name is that it is mainly used to accommodate ageing parents. In the building industry, it can also be called accessory apartment or accessory dwelling unit ( ADU). They are not restricted to elderly people as they may also be used to house live-in nannies or young adult members of the family. They may be used as rental units as well. As the world continues to move on, Granny Annexes are becoming increasingly popular.

One of the best Granny Annexe options available is an adapted, mobile residence created by Living Freedom.

There are several ways of creating a granny annexe and this will tell you all you need to know about them.

Different ways of building granny annexes

There are different types of granny annexes and different ways of creating them;

Traditional granny annexe

With this model, part of the main house is sectioned off from the rest. This part will house a self-contained living area which includes a kitchen and bathroom. They are always attached to the building and may share the main entrance or have separate entrances.

Granny flats

This is a variation of the traditional granny annexe. It is more common in built-up city areas. One floor of the building can be dedicated for a self-contained flat rather than an extension connected to the main house.

Ancillary buildings

This particular category may be self built or pre-built off-site. The idea is to construct a permanent or semi permanent mobile home in the lawn. The building should be connected to the utilities of the main building. This sometimes could be a converted barn, outhouse or even a mobile home situated on the lawn with the intent of housing ageing parents.

Benefits of granny annexes

A living arrangement such as this may offer a lot of social, practical and financial benefits to all parties. The following are the benefits of a granny annexe.

More time with loved ones

With busy schedules, taking out time to visit an elderly parent can be very challenging. However, moving them nearer solves this challenge as it becomes easier to spend time with them seeing that they live within sight of your home.

Financially sensible

This arrangement really helps to reduce the amount spent on housing and paying utility bills. Granny annexes present a way to house ageing parents comfortably without taking a huge hit financially. Because of the proximity, it is easier for family members to take on care roles instead of employing a caregiver.

Greater indipendence for parents than in a nursing home

It is much easier to make living arrangements feel like home for parents and with loved ones surrounding them, parents will feel more at ease with their environment.

The benefits of granny annexes are so much and it is rapidly becoming the norms among people with elderly parents.