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Wheelchair fashion

Wheelchair fashion

When the average individual thinks of people with disabilities, they think of sober people who are different from the able-bodied people. However, this idea cannot be farther from the truth than anything else. People living with disabilities are generally just as cheerful and outgoing as able-bodied individuals regardless of their limitations. In recent times, there have even been concerted effort to break their limitations in several areas of their lives. Disabled people have broken into the movie scene very long ago. We have seen the paralympics (the olympics for people living with disabilities) where disabled people engage in the same sorts of sports as able-bodied individuals. Most recent of all is the wheelchair fashion shows where people who are confined to the wheelchair are given the opportunity to take a "walk" down the runway. It's a real joy to see the excitement on the faces of the models as they realize that they are living their dreams... Even beyond their physical limitations.

Wheelchair fashion models

Alexandra Kutas

Alexandra Kutas
Alexandra Kutas on Fedor Vozianov runway show 2017 by Uly Pashkova

Alexandra Kutas is the world's first runway model in a wheelchair, first fashion model with a disability in Ukraine, an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and was an adviser to the mayor of Dnipro on the accessibility of urban infrastructure. She was born November 5, 1993. She is the co-founder of Puffins Fashion, an adaptive clothing company. Her philosophy for the brand is simple: respect the needs of others. This applies to adaptive clothing in general.

Samanta Bullock

Having always loved fashion, Samanta started her career as a model at the age of just 8. But in 1992, at the age of 14, a life changing event happened to her. A bullet left her paraplegic. Showing incredible tenacity, she didn’t let that stop her pursuing her passions.

Samanta Bullock (@samantabullock)

After recovering, in 2003 she started focusing on wheelchair tennis. She became a para-athlete , represented Brazil, competed at a high level and won a doubles silver medal at the 2007 Para Pan Am Games.
She later returned fashion and has taken part in a number of high-profile catwalk shows across the world, including Portugal, Brazil, Spain and Turkey, as well as the UK. Her main purpose now is to encourage fashion designers to be inclusive and ensure disabled people are represented.

She has a passion for staying fit and active, whether it's playing tennis, socialising in stylish hot spots or trying out adventurous sports. She hopes to be a role model for the next generation of people living with disabilities, inspiring them to have a healthy and full lifestyle, no matter what their disability, and loving their body.

Danielle Ann Sheypuk

Danielle is an American psychologist who advocates for people with disabilities. Her message is that disabled people are attractive and desirable. Born with spinal muscular atrophy, she has a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She became the first wheelchair model to "walk" the runway at the New York Fashion Week.


Life in a wheelchair can be tough and limited. However, a conscious decision could be made to to break the limitations and live your best life now.