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Why are so many people homeless?

Why are so many people homeless?

Homelessness is something people do not want to associate with because of the instability, insecurity and struggle it brings to a person or family who is going through it. However, there are many people who are homeless in the UK. Here we will give an insight into why there are a lot of homeless people in the UK.

Lack of affordable houses

This is a major cause of homelessness in the UK. The rent of houses in the UK is very high and people spend most of their income and sometimes all to pay for even the seemingly cheap houses. When people can no longer cope, they lose their houses and become homeless. Especially when they don't have friends or family to squat with.

Leaving an abusive relationship

This is more common among females than males. People who have been in a violent or abusive relationship sometimes leave and may struggle to stand on their feet for a while. During this period, many of these people end up homeless and they'd prefer it to the abuse and torture they had experienced in the hands of their former partner.


Poverty is one of the major causes of homelessness in the UK. Many homeless people in the UK cannot afford the funds to eat daily not to talk of paying to rent house. Many of the homeless are very poor and therefore cannot afford even the cheapest rents in the UK.

Substance abuse

Drug abuse and substance misuse is a cause of homelessness especially among the youth. Misuse of substance can put so much strain on a person's relationship with their family and loved ones that they move out. Many of these young people do not necessarily have friends they can live with during this period and therefore become homeless. These people if not taken to the right places for care may remain homeless for many years.

Mental health problems

This is a cause of homelessness in the UK. Many people with mental health issues who lack professional care usually end up homeless. These people roam from street to street and sometimes, their family cannot keep in touch with them and don't know their whereabouts.

People who have left prison

Many person who are in correctional centres or prisons as it's mostly called, look forward to the day they leave there. However, many of them do not have anywhere to go to. This is because some have become outcasts from their families, have no money saved up, can't find jobs or don't have friends to turn to when they are out. These reasons have made many people who just got out of prison homeless and it is a big struggle for them.

Loss of job or source of income

A major cause of homelessness is the loss of one's source of income, and it can be devastating to the person involved. This can make someone go from 100% to 0%. People who suddenly lose their jobs may not necessarily become homeless immediately. Sometimes they downsize or manage with their savings but end up homeless when they cannot get a job after a while.